Corporate culture: spectre and success factor

Corporate culture is a success factor (“culture eats strategy for breakfast”) and a spectre at the same time. Employees regularly demand more “corporate culture”, which is something like a “soft” ghost for the management. This elusive spectre always comes back and interferes with the “hard” daily grind of the business. On the other hand, the modern manager knows: there is no sustainable success without corporate culture. This is confirmed by all well-established studies.

What is the corporate culture?

If we consider the company a living organism, which has a body, mind and soul like a human being, the corporate culture is the soul of the company. That is, the way companies live their values and beliefs. It is important from the perspectives of human factor as well as business administration. A powerful corporate culture attracts the right people to the company and motivates them. Corporate culture is a success factor.

How to tackle “corporate culture”?

  • With joy … or not at all. Resonance and vitality will arise only if the management itself feels spirited and is keen on shaping the culture actively.
  • With own ideas … instead of foreign solution grid. The culture of each company is unique. There is only one success template: authenticity.
  • With time … take out pressure. Corporate culture is like a garden … the grass will not grow faster if you pull it.
  • With people … ask, listen, and create together. Involve many different people within the organisation and let them help shape it.
  • With courage … sometimes try something out and learn from it.

And with sweep!

sweep captures the existing company culture through online survey and uncovers the desired cultural changes. Interested in cultural development? We look forward to assist you in this regard.