sweep cracks the innovation code!

Every organization has its own, specific approach when it comes to “innovation”.
Many organizations have research and development departments, others have so-called innovation circles or “think tanks”. Some adopt innovation strategies that are open to the public, e.g., in cooperation with customers, where many innovations are realized overnight, virtually out of nothing or from scratch.

But as different as the starting points might be, there are certain elements that characterize all successful, innovative organizations.

These elements are not easy to identify or quantify and have not yet been modelled by any management tool.

sweep identifies and unmasks these elements through efficient and targeted online surveys. This way, sweep manages to crack the innovation code it needs for successful innovation and implementation, thus serving as a “deciphering machine“ for innovations.

sweep is also impressive from a scientific point of view! Dr. Christian Bucher from the University of Zurich reviewed sweep with respect to reliability ((«is the quantification reliable?») and validity («does it quantify that which it should?») and provides close to perfect proof of both factors (α = 0.93, r2 = 0.90).

sweep offers you answers to the following questions:

  • Innovation capability: How strong are the qualities that promote innovation in your organization? How “innovative“ is your organization or team in general?
  • Willingness to innovate: How ready is your organization and staff for something new?
  • Innovation barriers: What barriers stand in your way? How can these be eliminated?
  • Innovation code: In which areas must your organization improve for better innovation results?

Are you looking for answers to these questions and would like to crack the innovation code for your organization? We look forward to assisting you.