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Successful transformation through involvement of the employees.

Change management is a term that roams for quite some time now through various organizations and keeps management and staff very busy. The reason is simple: organizations and people find it difficult to adopt to change. The natural reflex is to try to avoid change, at least until the economic and human pain of resisting to change finally becomes too big to be neglected.

But “shifting” has become the new constant: digitalization, industry 4.0, agility, competitive and price pressure, innovation, corporate health management, generation conflicts, etc. all sooner or later start to actively kickstart change.

In theory and practice various models and approaches deal with the question of how to master change successfully. Rules and commands, which could give security are often demanded by change effected people. Nevertheless, there is no panacea for mastering change. The individual states and circumstances of organizations are too diverse. But yet there is a general winning formula: Successful transformation only functions with consistent involvement of all employees!

What does successful change management need?

A new perspective on change.

The fear of change can be reduced by gaining clarity on the state of the underlying qualities of the organization: the deep structure of the organization.

How does this invisible organizational structure, that lies beneath the known management surface, look like? How well developed are aspects like motivation, passion, innovation culture, flexibility, courage or care? Those are elements that need to be understood in order to master change in a successful and sustainable way.

Turn persons concerned into participants.

sweep is the first Change Management tool that enables organizations to work «bottom-up». Collaborators are integrated as participants of change, which is the most important principle for successful transformation.

Furthermore, the initial situation of the organization is analysed in view of an envisaged change and specific development potentials are identified. This allows for mastering the current change challenges.

How does
sweep help?

sweep as effective tool for Change Management.

sweep accompanies organizations during the entire change, from kick-off to final project completion. sweep helps to screen organizational obstacles that lie in the way of successful change.

sweep delivers concrete measures.

sweep unveils development potentials, strengths and weaknesses of the organization. It depicts what concrete measures for successful changes are necessary. To achieve this, an optional half day workshop is sufficient. Fast, efficient and reduced to the essential.

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