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Today, the therm “corporate culture” is omnipresent, yet difficult to grasp.

Futurologists predict that the corporate culture will be the primary success factor of organizations: «Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”
Generation X employees struggle with burnouts or boreouts. Generation Y and Z employees call for meaningfulness and customized individuality at work. They fight with the so called “brownout”.
Management executives have to deal with increasing performance pressure and at the same time hear the increasing call of the organization for a better “corporate culture”. They face a dilemma: They cannot ignore this “ghost” called corporate culture. But they are lacking management tools to catch and face this ghost. They don’t know how to develop “corporate culture” into a critical success factor of the organization.

What is corporate culture?

The corporate culture is considered as “soul of the organization”.

When a corporation is looked at as an “organism” that consists – like a human being – of body, mind and soul… then the corporate culture is the “soul of the company”.

The way the organization is actually living its values and convictions, internally as well as externally in relation to costumers, partners and other stakeholders.

Each organization has a corporate culture, regardless of whether you want it or not.

Many companies actively and consciously nurture their culture in alignment with their vision and strategy. Other organizations accept cultural chaos without actively shaping it

The danger of uncontrolled cultural chaos is that the organizational qualities are not fostered in a focused way. The company looses agility, liveliness and attractivity … and in the long-run its key employees.

How does
sweep help?

sweep captures the current corporate culture.

sweep provides clarity and transparence in a first step.

Which corporate culture leben do we live today?

How are the various organizational powers and factors pronounced today?

What disagreements exist?

sweep depicts the desired cultural changes of the interviewed persons.

sweep uncovers the desired cultural change of the interviewed persons.

Collectiv, fast and effective. Clarity through visual illustration.

sweep delivers concrete measures.

sweep translates analysis insights into. concrete measures. For this an optional half day workshop is sufficient.

Fast, efficient and reduced to the essential!

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