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Innovative employee survey 

for pioneers.

The innovative employee survey for pioneers.

Employee surveys are needy and expensive, seldom motivating, repetitive but mostly: the results do not point at concrete measures.

Often employee surveys are an ultimate compulsory exercise to meet quality demands or to meet and quiet down comparative benchmarks and to prove that the employees are invited to give feedback regularly. Too seldom consequent improvement and change measures are the result of such employee surveys.

It is time for a new, simple, effectiv and innovative employee survey, which shows in a pristine way the real status of your organization, the engagement and the identification of your employees as well as their satisfaction and their evaluation of the organization in a transparent way.

What does a good employee survey supply?

Honest information for precise improvement and development.

Each survey happens in a “bottom-up” perspective. The employees are involved and are motivated to bring in their views, ideas and propositions.
What really results of it, is often sobering. Either nothing happens, or the results are taken as easy justification for already taken measures or the effort for change is considered as being disproportional.

Measure critical success factors, show possible course of action.

Many employee surveys deliver results with which the organization cannot act in a concrete manner (i.e. the result from a conventional survey: “The trust in the subordinates is 5”).
The transfer to the given question and the course of action is missing. The organization is left alone with the intellectual conclusions.

How does
sweep help?

sweep is the innovative employee survey.

sweep allows anonymously, swiftly and efficiently to question employees in short time with concrete results. The advantage compared to conventional surveys is clear: You can substantially reduce time and costs .

The motivation of your employees is increased. The results of the survey can be effectively used as basis for your successful further development of the organization.

sweep is scientifically approved and highly effective.

The sweep online survey works with the intuition of the participants. They are intuitively activated with the sweep method so that a honest and genuine feedback is given regarding the current status and the improvement potential of the organization. From a scientific perspective the sweep method works on an absolute top level (α = 0.93, r2 = 0.90).

sweep delivers concrete measures.

sweep transfers the survey results in concrete measures. For this an optional half day workshop is sufficient. Fast, efficient and reduced to the essential.

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