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organizational development.

Holistic analysis for systemic organizational development

Organizational development is the generic term for all interventions that are targeted at changing, stabilizing and developing an organization or its departments towards sustainable success.

The organization is analyzed during this process as an entire organism that lives and interacts with ist surrounding. The focus lies on steering and the sustainable development of the entire system and not on isolated punctual improvements.

What is organization diagnosis?

To gain a clear picture of the as-is situation.

The initial point of organizational development is the definition of the current state of the organization, the so called “organization diagnosis”.
Like at a medical check the constitution of the organization, is determined before the “patient”, the organization, can be strenghtened with effective measures in its further development.

Complex and expensive?!

The management doctrine has not yet come up with a simple, effective and largely utilisable tool for organizational diagnosis. The complexity and variance of terms and disciplines on the management surface is too big.
The organization that is interested in organization diagnosis normally can choose between three options: (1) A complex strong>analysis process, (2) a very simplified minimal view (i.e. SWOT) or (3) not to look at it at all.

How does
sweep help?

sweep reveals the current status of the organization.

sweep allows to reveal the current status of each organization in a swift and differentiated way. This succeeds thanks to the innovative and intuitive online employee (and optionally additional stakeholder) survey.

sweep reveals the central development topics of the organization.

sweep finds and formulates the central development themes of the organization. Wherupon is it necessary to focus to successfully further develop the organization? sweep delivers the basis for sustainable organizational development.

sweep delivers concrete measures.

sweep transfers the analysis findings in concrete measures. For this an optional half day workshop is sufficient. Fast, efficient and reduced to the essential.

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