sweep team analysis

Basis for executive and
team development.

As basis for executive development and team development.

The systematic team analysis is an important brick for team success. It delivers the ground for an executive development and team development. Where do we stand as a team? How do we function and work as a team? Which qualities are developed to what level in our team? Do we have divergent opinions? What does our team need now for a successful future?

An effective team analysis offers the following potential:
•   Optimal communication and coordination in the team
•   Stronger solidarity and higher satisfaction
•   Better performance of individuals and the team as a whole

Where can sweep be used?

Everywhere where people work together.

sweep functions in all settings, where people work together as a team towards a common goal and want to improve … independent of organizational type, industry, team size, organization size, company culture or geographical location.

Simple, intuitive and highly effective.

sweep serves as easy accessible and intuitive self reflection tool with high scientific validity and reliability.

How does sweep help?

sweep captures the current team constellation.

sweep reveals the deep structure of teams and allows an honest mirror view of the team and management. Latent known issues are brought to the surface, systemically classified and being named.

sweep discloses the development issues of each team.

sweeps reveals the opinion polarity and the main development issues of the team. The key questions for team development and leadership development are identified and formulated.

sweep delivers concrete measures.

sweep transfers the analysis insights into concrete measures. For this an optional half day workshop is sufficient. Fast, efficient and reduced to the essential!

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