The six sweep archetypes

To achieve sustainable success, an organization needs the balance on six essential archetype forces . If any of these forces is weakly pronounced, the vitality and competitiveness of the organization is endangered. The art of management is to decipher those 6 forces and dose them in an optimal way. 

Discover the sweep archetypes:


Archetyp König - Icon 1Archetyp König - Icon 2Archetyp König - Icon 3

The King represents “ORDER”.

He safeguards Planning, Stability and Organization.


Archetyp Krieger - Icon 1Archetyp Krieger - Icon 2Archetyp Krieger - Icon 3

The Warrior represents “CHANGE”.

He safeguards Discipline, Strength and Courage.


Archetyp Handwerker - Icon 1Archetyp Handwerker - Icon 2Archetyp Handwerker - Icon 3

The craftsman represents “CREATION”.

He safeguards Passion, Action and Results.


Sweep Icon - Gelehrter 1Sweep Icon - Gelehrter 2Sweep Icon - Gelehrter 3

The Scholar represents “KNOWLEDGE”.

He safeguards Origin, Know-How and Pioneering.


Sweep Icon - Druide 1Sweep Icon - Druide 2Sweep Icon - Druide 3

The druide represents “WISDOM”.

He safeguards Values, Health and Vision.


Sweep Icon - Hirte 1Sweep Icon - Hirte 2Sweep Icon - Hirte 3

The shepherd represents “RELATIONS”.

He safeguards Teamspirit, Communication and Care.

How does your sweep world look like?

How are the six archetypes represented in your organization ?

Which forces does your organization need more of? Which less?

How does a healthy balance look like for your current organization?

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